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Primezone provides teachers with single-point access to a range of primary industries education resources. This website is an initiative of the Primary Industries Education Foundation, a national not-for-profit company with government, industry and education membership.

These resources are about agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries, including related topics such as exporting and sustainable farming. Resources are added regularly. To recommend resources that are not on this site, please contact us

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A problem with insects - a cotton story

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This unit of 6 X 50 minute lessons has been matched to the Australian Curriculum and is designed to introduce nanotechnology and biotechnologies with reference to the established traditional disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  View resource

A Virtual Farm Visit

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A free online resource with videos discussing sustainability issues on three Australian cattle and sheep farms in the Kimberley, central western NSW and Gippsland. Teacher guides include summaries of video content and questions for students. This appealing resource allows students to study the different farms from a range of viewpoints. Farmers discuss techniques, market influences, technology, and environmental factors in relation to quality products, land management and financial viability.  View resource

About Wood - crossword puzzle

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Teachers can use this crossword puzzle to assess students' learning and comprehension after reading the acompanying Primefact 541 'About Wood'. Presented as a downloadable PDF worksheet. Complete with 2 levels of extension tasks.  View resource

Adventure Time - Colour and post your own postcard

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A series of black line master postcards depicting scenes of state forests across NSW. Students can colour, cut address and post to a friend.  View resource

Agricultural biotechnology case study - experimental design and research methodology

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Are you doing the Agri-food, Fibre and Fuel Technologies Elective for the HSC? Need a research case study? The use of transgenic Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton varieties have been part of cotton growing in Australia for over 15 years resulting in massive reductions in pesticide use. Many environmental factors were researched as part of Australian pre and post-release studies of BT cotton. One of those studies looked at the impact of BT cotton on non-target insect communities. Published by the Entomological Society of America, this paper outlines the aims of the research, the methodology, the data collected, a data analysis and conclusion. It is a good case study to satisfy H4.1 of the Agriculture stage 6 syllabus. The pdf version of the article is available free of charge.  View resource

All about Australian rice

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The Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia, in conjunction with SunRice, has produced a new series of short videos which tell the paddock to plate story of rice in Australia. These are designed for school children and those with no knowledge of the rice industry.  View resource

Angling for Conservation

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The Angling for Conservation website provides detailed information on an enormous range of projects and activities where anglers have played a key role in caring for our fish and waterways. Projects can be searched by region through google earth.  View resource

Animals in NSW schools

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This website provides advice to teachers to help them understand their responsibilities in relation to the use of animals for teaching. Provides information and guidance about the care and handling of animals considered suitable for use in schools and commonly used for teaching and demonstration purposes. Interprets the relevant legislation concerning the use of animals in schools. Provides a set of teaching materials suitable for use with agricultural technology and animal welfare students.  View resource

Animals in Schools - livestock handling videos

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A series of 15 videos on Youtube produced by LearningNSWDEC to promote best practice livestock handling. The videos include mustering, safety in yards, weighing cattle, routine husbandry practices and cattle and sheep handling. The videos use an understanding of animal behaviour as the basis for safe, minimal-stress handling.  View resource

Archibull Prize (competition for schools)

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The Archibull Prize is an innovative and fun program which provides student participants with opportunities to meet young farmers and engage in genuine farm experiences, gain knowledge and skills about the production of the food they eat, fibres they use and the environment they live in. The theme celebrates the role Australian farmers' play in feeding Australian families and many other families around the world. The average person doesn't consider the resources required to keep a city well fed let alone the world! We intend on telling this story.  View resource

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