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About Us


Primezone provides teachers with single-point access to a range of primary industries education resources .

This website is an initiative of the Primary Industries Education Foundation  Australia. 

The Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA) is a tripartite
not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, formed through the  collaboration of the Australian Government, primary industries organisations  and the education sector. It has government, industry and education  membership. PIEFA’s vision is for an Australian community that understands  and values its primary industries.  .

The Foundation’s objectives are to:

● provide national leadership and coordination of initiatives to encourage  primary industries education in schools through a partnership between  industry, government and educators;

● commission, coordinate, facilitate and manage national projects to  encourage primary industries education in schools;

● provide a source of credible, objective and educational resources for  schools to maintain and improve community confidence in Australia’s  primary industries;

● and communicate primary industries research and development  outcomes in a format accessible for schools and encourage interest from  schools in primary industries related careers.