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Biosecurity – Protecting our Plants and Animals

Biosecurity – Protecting our Plants and Animals

Year 9 Science – Biosecurity

Content Description:

  • Ecosystems consist of communities of interdependent organisms and abiotic components of the environment; matter and energy flow through these systems (ACSSU176)
  • The investigative activities also provide opportunities to address many of the Science Inquiry Skills of the Australian Curriculum

This unit is designed to demonstrate to students how introduced species can affect populations. This is illustrated through the students modelling testing performed by customs agents in trying to detect a bio hazardous material on a series of objects. The examination of a case study Panama disease in bananas and the steps being taken by local farmers to contain the fungal disease is followed by research into current outbreaks in each state. This enables students to explore the role and importance of biosecurity, the impact of introducing new species on populations and how a number of scientific professions are involved in protecting Australia s unique plants and animals.

Year 9 Science – Biosecurity (2.1MB)



agriculture, horticulture, disease, customs, bio-hazards, ecosystems, pests, outbreak, environment, exotic pests and diseases, Panama disease, pre-border security, border security, post border security