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Selecting the Best Beef Cattle To Eat (Carey Bros Qld)- Video

Selecting the Best Beef Cattle To Eat (Carey Bros Qld)- Video

Carey Bros Queensland – Selecting the Best Beef

This is a video about the operation of the Carey Brothers meat production business. Introduced by Greg Carey, the video shows beef cattle at the company’s abattoir as he lists the numbers of cattle, lambs and pigs processed in a typical week and the numbers of staff employed at the plant. He praises the resilience of the Darling Downs farmers who provide the company with quality livestock and comments on how the company provides opportunities for farmers by holding weekly cattle and lamb sales. Accompanied by scenes of meat being cooked and served, Carey describes what he looks for in quality cattle for the company’s retail butcheries, explaining that their customers expect the best. The video runs for 1:56 min with the final screen containing six comprehension and discussion questions for students. Suggested answers are included for some questions.

Carey Bros Queensland – Transcript (133KB)
Carey Bros Queensland – Transcript (1.7MB)


companies, agriculture, productivity, supply and demand, meat, supply chain, cattle

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