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Citrus Biosecurity (Yr7)

Citrus Biosecurity (Yr7)

Citrus biosecurity

A package of resources including teacher guides and animated PowerPoint presentations to: allow students to develop an understanding of the Australian agricultural industry and the importance of plant biosecurity in the context of integrated pest management for the citrus industry. The links between agriculture and the role of pest insects are explored and students gain an insight into the taxonomy and classification of organisms. Students can undertake an insect surveillance exercise and learn to identify the insects they collect.

Teacher Resource
Citrus Biosecurity Threats (Poster) 
Yr 7 Citrus Lesson 1 (PPTX)
Yr 7 Citrus Lesson 2 Classification (PDF)
Yr 7 Citrus Lesson 3 Fieldwork (PDF)
Yr 7 Citrus Lesson 7 (PPTX)



plant biosecurity, citrus, agriculture, surveillance, insects, taxonomy, classification, integrated pest management, data collection