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Cotton education kit

Cotton education kit

Cotton Australia's kit for secondary students is a 73 page downloadable PDF file which includes content linked to the QLD, NSW, Victorian and National curriculum across subject areas including agriculture, science, textiles and design, business studies, economics and more. Chapters include: Contents, Introduction and Curriculum Links (2MB PDF); Chapter 1: The Australian Cotton Industry (3MB PDF); Chapter 2: A sustainable Cotton Industry (5MB PDF); Chapter 3: The History of Cotton (2MB PDF); Chapter 4: The Cotton Plant (2MB PDF); Chapter 5A: How Cotton Is Grown (1.8MB PDF); Chapter 5B: How Cotton Is Grown cont'd (5.9MB PDF); Chapter 6: The Business of Cotton Farming (4MB PDF); Chapter 7: Processing from Gin to Fabric (4MB PDF); Chapter 8: Cotton as a Competitive Commodity (2MB PDF); Chapter 9: Cotton as a Consumer Product (2MB PDF); Chapter 10: Cotton Careers (1 MB PDF); Links to additional information and teaching resources (418KB PDF).



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