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Building a Classroom Worm Farm | STEM Lesson Plan

Building a Classroom Worm Farm | STEM Lesson Plan

Food and gardening scraps thrown into household bins becomes landfill. When food waste breaks down in landfill, it emits greenhouse gases including methane gas which traps heat in our atmosphere. Diverting this organic waste from landfill and into a worm farm or composting system is great for your garden and for our planet. Worms can turn garden waste into rich fertilizer.

For children to:

• understand the connection between some living things and value the role of all living things (even the crawly and slimy ones!)
• look beneath the ground’s surface and discover what is happening below
• appreciate an earthworms ability to recycle our waste and transform it into a natural fertilizer
• undertake the task of building and managing a worm farm.



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