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Engaging students in STEM using Agriculture

Engaging students in STEM using Agriculture

An amazing collection of hands on STEM activities to use in your classroom. Developed by the Tasmanian Agricultural Education Network (TAEN) in conjunction with Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) these experiments will bring food and fibre education to life for your students and highlight just how STEM rich modern food production is.

The practical experiments outlined in this booklet are designed and adapted to engage students in concepts and skills used by agricultural scientists and the agriculture industry. They can also be used to teach and reinforce aspects of many curriculums of science and food related school subjects.

These practicals are ordered by increasing level of complexity, where earlier experiments are aimed at late primary/early high school students, and later practicals for high school/college level.

Each practical contains the section “Syllabus Links,” which guides the teacher at a glance to whether the practical is relevant to the course they teach.

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