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Enhancing Biodiversity in the Australian Environment

Enhancing Biodiversity in the Australian Environment

This lesson is designed to enhance a student’s knowledge and understanding of the concept of biodiversity. Through various activities, the lesson explores what biodiversity is, why it is important and how technology is transforming the study of biodiversity. The lesson contains a practical activity that allows students to work in groups to compare the level and variety of biodiversity within their school grounds or local area.

ForestLearning has created a resource that contains activities based on three important case studies of how various stakeholders are positively approaching biodiversity decline, while still maintaining commercial productivity of their land, through the utilisation of Agroforestry, Wildlife Corridors, and the proposal of increasing pine plantations to conserve the Carnaby’s Cockatoo.



Agriculture, Agroforestry, Biodiversity, Forestry, Genetics, Plantations, Soil, Technology, Trees