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Exotic Fruit – Niche Farming

Exotic Fruit – Niche Farming

Year 7 Economics and Business – Growing Exotic Fruit – A Niche Market Enterprise

Content Description

  • The ways consumers and producers interact and respond to each other in the market (ACHEK017)
  • Characteristics of entrepreneurs and successful businesses (ACHEK019)
  • Develop questions about an economic or business issue or event, and plan and conduct an investigation or project (ACHES021)
  • Gather relevant data and information from a range of digital, online and print sources (ACHES022)

This learning activity uses the context of a 51 ha farm in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. It encourages students to explore and reflect upon the skills of the owner in growing and marketing an array of well-known and not-so-well known exotic fruits.

Yr7 Economics & Business – Exotic Fruit Farming (1MB PDF)

The video takes the viewer to a 51 ha farm in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW where over 200 varieties of exotic fruit grow within a netted enclosure. Students can reflect upon the entrepreneurial skills of the owner in successfully growing and marketing a highly sought after array of exotic fruits into the local market.

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Growing Exotic Fruit transcript (45KB)



entrepreneur, farming, horticulture, agriculture, consumer, marketing, tropical fruit, brand, target market, tomatoes