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Exploring farms that produce our meat and wool (Video and worksheet)

Exploring farms that produce our meat and wool (Video and worksheet)

This video is about breeding cattle for different markets. There is a teacher/student worksheet that can be downloaded below.

Student Worksheet

Video in review: Scott deBruin is a Wagyu Beef Producer at Mayura Station, SA. There are a variety of breeds of cattle in Australia, with different breeds known for their success in Northern and Southern Australia. Wagyu is an Asian breed of cattle from Japan known genetically for the fat contained within the meat. Diet and energy requirements for cattle are important to producing the meat. Feeding quality depends on managing the soil and plants, with samples being regularly tested (plant tissue samples). Packing and marketing to Asian markets and developing brand loyalty.

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Additional student worksheet (Source: Target 100: http://www.target100.com.au/Hungry-for-Info/Education/National-Curriculum-Study-Guides)

This worksheet will provide students with further reading and questions about farming in different climates

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