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Farm Diaries (Video and worksheet)

Farm Diaries (Video and worksheet)

Provide your students with a copy of the questions below by downloading the Student worksheet.


  1. How many sows in the Australian pig herd?
  2. How many pigs are sold annually in Australia?
  3. How many sows (approx.) are on site at Mount Boothby Pastoral Company?
  4. How many growers does Mount Boothby have?
  5. What is the gestation of a pig?
  6. How many piglets are born at Mount Boothby?
  7. What is the grain grown for pigs on Mount Boothby?
  8. What do they need to add into the feed?
  9. What makes a pig good for food production?
  10. What are some of the risks for the pork industry?


What is a grower?

Video in review: Alastair Johnson works as a Pig Producer at Mount Boothby Pastoral Company in Tintinara SA. Mixed cropping farm (cattle, sheep and cropping), with cropping mainly to feed the pigs. The main discussion is around the breeding and gestation of pigs, average litter size, conditions of breeding and raring young, diet, feed conversion to meat, and most efficient use of carcass and diseases and biosecurity.

Download Student Worksheet

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