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Farms and people’s connections to them (Video and worksheet)

Farms and people’s connections to them (Video and worksheet)

Farms and people’s connections to them, develops students’ understanding of place, as they learn that places may be defined differently by diverse groups of people. Students discover more about different products, foods, clothes and toys used and where the primary resources for them are found, grown or manufactured.

Video in review: Mike and Gayle Quarmby work at Outback Pride, in Reedy Creek, SA. This video looks at the production of Australian native foods in collaboration with aboriginal communities. Local schools groups are involved, looking at horticulture with students getting a lot out of the sessions. The education program involves the community and incorporates the respect of the indigenous knowledge. No artificial fertilisers, chemicals are used and less water is needed. Value adding for the sale of products, and direct supply of fresh produce to restaurants.

Below is a worksheet that can be accessed to complete to support student learning after watching the video.

Download Student Worksheet

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