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Fast Facts about Australian Food and Fibre – Video

Fast Facts about Australian Food and Fibre – Video

Video – Fast Agriculture Facts

This is a video giving statistical information about Australian farmers and the food and fibre they produce. It is presented by Will, a primary-school-aged boy, who points out that farmers are innovative, tech-savvy and responsive to research. The video uses scenes of Australian farms and text and graphics on screen to reinforce Will s information on, for example, the numbers of Australian farmers, farms and farm animals, how much lamb, beef, veal, milk, cheese, and yogurt Australians consume, and how many people Australian cotton can clothe. Will’s commentary includes jokes, puns and riddles as well as questions, comments and asides directly addressed to the viewer. The 4:14min video ends with Will praising farmers environmental credentials in managing 61 per cent of Australia s land mass.

Fast Agriculture Facts – Transcript (149KB)
Fast Agriculture Facts – Transcript (59KB)


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