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Fertility Research | Reproduction in Beef Cattle | Science Lesson

Fertility Research | Reproduction in Beef Cattle | Science Lesson

Year 9 Science – Fertility Research in Beef Cattle

Content Description

  • Use knowledge of scientific concepts to draw conclusions that are consistent with evidence (ACSIS170)
  • Communicate scientific ideas and information for a particular purpose, including constructing evidence-based arguments and using appropriate scientific language, conventions and representations (ACSIS174)

This teacher guide and student activities demonstrate the importance of scientific research and data collection in the cattle industry of northern Australia. A major component involves students interpreting secondary data sources and studies conducted by Central Queensland University (CQU).

Yr9 Science – Fertility Research Beef Cattle (4.5MB PDF)
Yr 9 Science – Belmont cow, heifer and bull data spreadsheet 2015 (74KB) (Excel)
Yr 9 Science – Belmont cow data spreadsheet 2015 (21KB) (Excel)



data analysis, yield, production, nutrition, digestive system, agriculture, beef, digestion, fertility, research, pastures, calves