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Australian Fish Species Names | Seafood Lesson Palns

Australian Fish Species Names | Seafood Lesson Palns

FRDC’s Fish Names site is designed to help remove confusion and strengthen consumer confidence in Australia’s $4 billion seafood industry.

Australia has over 5000 native species of finfish, and many more crustaceans and molluscs. Several hundred of these species are important commercially, and many others support recreational activities such as fishing and diving. Australia also imports seafood products consisting of many other fish species from around the world to help satisfy the increasing demand for seafood. Confusion over fish names has been caused by the numerous species Australia has on offer, a species being known by more than one name, or the same name being used for more than one species.

With the help of FRDC’s Fish Names, learn and research the standard fish names of the 4,000 Australian and imported species of fish traded in Australia.



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