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Foodprint Melbourne: Biomes and Food Security

Foodprint Melbourne: Biomes and Food Security

The Foodprint Melbourne research team, from the University of Melbourne, has worked with the Geography Teachers' Association of Victoria to develop a set of teaching resources to support the 'Biomes and food security' unit of the Year 9 geography curriculum. Development of these resources was funded by the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation.
The materials cover most outcomes for the 'Biomes and food security' unit of both the Victorian and Australian Year 9 Geography curriculum. The resources include teacher instructions and student worksheets, dynamic mapping tools, GIS tools and data, data sets, a fieldwork planning guide, infographics and videos.

Victorian Curriculum Codes: VCGGC 127, VCGGC 128, VCGGC 129, VCGGC 130,VCGGC 131, VCGGC 132, VCGGK 133, VCGGK 134, VCGGK 135, VCGGK 136, VCGGK 137, VCGGK 138.



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