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Free range Chicken Farm – video

Free range Chicken Farm – video

Free Range Chicken Farming – Yarra Egg Farm

This is a video about egg producer Jenny Brown and how she produces and sells truly free-range eggs. It shows scenes of her property 'Yarra Farm' as she tells of her several hundred Isa Brown chickens producing 85 dozen eggs weekly; her career change from being a police officer; and marketing her eggs through local farmers' markets and reassuring her customers about the conditions under which the eggs are produced. She explains the differences between a free-range and a caged egg. The video lasts for 3:21 min and in the latter part Brown advises that developing business planning and budgeting knowledge, starting in a small way, and then increasing in size, plus liking chickens and being willing to get dirty are vital prerequisites for a free-range egg business.

Free Range Eggs – Transcript (1.7MB) 
Free Range Eggs – Transcript (129KB)


supply and demand, planning, farming systems, eggs, occupations, small business, agriculture, career

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