From Citrus to Almonds

Year 10 Economics and Business – From Citrus to Almonds

Content Description:

  • The ways businesses respond to changing economic conditions and improve productivity through organisational management and workforce management (ACHEK054)
  • Develop questions and hypotheses about an economic or business issue or event, and plan and conduct an investigation (ACHES055)
  • Gather relevant and reliable data and information from a range of digital, online and print sources (ACHES056)
  • Analyse data and information in different formats to explain cause-and-effect relationships, make predictions and illustrate alternative perspectives (ACHES057)
  • Reflect on the intended and unintended consequences of economic and business decisions (ACHES061)

The teacher guide, student activities and accompanying video provide an insight into an almond farm on the banks of the Murray River in South Australia.  Students explore the business decisions behind the switch from a mixed horticultural operation growing mainly citrus to a 100% almond growing business.  Students investigate the contribution of the Australian almond industry to the Australian economy and its sustained and phenomenal growth in plantings and sales (both domestic and global markets) over the past 10 years.

Yr 10 Economics & Business – Citrus to Almonds (1.8MB)

Audio description version video
itrus to Almonds transcript (49KB)


farming, agriculture, horticulture, marketing, trade, investment, consumer, lifecycle, profit

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