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Growing Salmon Sustainably

Growing Salmon Sustainably

This resource aims to provide teachers of students in Years 5/6 with information to investigate fish farming/aquaculture in Australia and determine its future sustainability.

The learning objectives of the educational resources are to:

  • Gain an understanding of aquaculture and why it is necessary to provide the world’s growing population with an important source of protein.
  • Explore the best environmental conditions and optimal locations for growing/farming aquatic species, in a managed environment.
  • Develop a flow chart to identify the supply chain, from hatchling to plate, of the Atlantic salmon, including the environmental and human influences each step involves.
  • Develop mapping skills to represent and explain the best environmental locations for Atlantic salmon farms in Tasmania and in North America and Europe.
  • Use data to predict the future of Atlantic salmon as a sustainable aquaculture product in Tasmanian waters
  • Investigate the various viewpoints relating to the environmental management of a sustainable farmed fish industry
  • Communicate their findings to an audience.

https://www.primezone.edu.au/resources/pdf/PIEFA _ Growing salmon sustainably.pdf


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