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Herd data, statistics and probability

Herd data, statistics and probability

Year 8 Maths – Statistics and Probability – Dairy Herd Data

Content Description:

  • Investigate the effect of individual data values, including outliers, on the mean and median (ACMSP207)

This resource provides a context to engage students in an investigation of data including exercises to find the mean and median and the effect of outliers on means and medians in that data. The context is that of three farmers trying to increase the milk yield of their dairy herds. Students will investigate the yield data for individual cows in the herds and analyse the effect of increasing feed to these cows. From this data they will draw conclusions and make suggestions about how the farmers can increase their yields most economically. They will also look to investigate how combining herds would benefit or disadvantage the farmers.

Teacher Guide -Stats and Prob Dairy Herd Data (2MB PDF)
Teacher Guide -Stats and Prob – Dairy Herd Data (890KB Docx)  



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