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Investigate Bees | Biosecurity Lesson Plan

Investigate Bees | Biosecurity Lesson Plan

The Investigate: bees science and technology unit of work is an initiative of the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

The aim of the unit is to stimulate an interest in science, technology and agriculture in young people and to promote the teaching of these subject areas in schools. Bees face some serious biosecurity threats from diseases and pests including introduced bee species that could out-compete our native bees and insects or honey bees. Students will design and complete an investigation and create a portfolio of work that aligns with outcomes from the NSW Science and Technology, English and Geography syllabuses.

Most students have heard about the plight of bees and the important role that they play in our environment and in food production. This investigation encourages students to take their knowledge a bit deeper and to take action to support bees – both honey bees and Australian native bees. Students will find out which insects are currently visiting their gardens and what they can do to help bees – so that they can help us! Bees provide important ecosystem and production services so in this unit we are looking at how to support bees including native bees.



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