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Cane Toad Lesson Plans | Investigate: Cane Toads

Cane Toad Lesson Plans | Investigate: Cane Toads

This investigate unit is designed to help students understand cane toads and their threat to the Australian environment and agricultural production. Why some animals are to be protected and others need to be eradicated.

The resource includes:

  • Teacher guide with sample student answer guide
  • Student workbook
  • PowerPoint presentation to use in delivering the activities (includes links to websites and videos suggested in the learning activities)
  • The NSW Department of Primary Industries cane toad flyer
  • A Biosecurity Warrior stamp to share with students who complete the unit.

The student workbook is designed to complement this series of learning activities. However, you may choose to have students complete the activities in their note books or in online classroom spaces.

The resource is most suitable for stage 3 and 4 students. It is adaptable to students in most stages and designed to allow teachers to differentiate learning for a range of students.

Each activity can be used as a standalone activity. You can choose to use parts of the resource or the whole unit.



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