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Investigate: Soils

Investigate: Soils

Soils are a complex, invaluable part of sustaining life on Earth. To those who study soils they represent a fascinating, endless investigation of the impacts of human activity and ways of managing food and fibre production. To those who work them they are an enduring partner in their pursuit, whether it is agriculture, gardening, mining, land rehabilitation or construction to name just a few.  But perhaps to the majority of people, soils are just the dirt beneath our feet.

So we are pleased to present Investigate: soils. A stage 3 science and technology investigation aimed at introducing your students to the value and complexity of soils.

The learning sequence supports students working towards the Living World strand of the 2017 NSW Science and Technology syllabus and particularly the Growth and survival of living things theme.

Registrations are now open for the competition running in Term 1 this year and cash prizes are available.
More information is available at https://www.nswdpi-schools-program.com/investigate or head straight to the registration form at https://nswtrade.wufoo.com/forms/zn06xkf12b4u47/. This form will redirect you to a site to download the teaching guide and optional student learning journal or can be downloaded here:

The Soil Story

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