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Investigating Australian approaches to producing fish, seafood and meat (Video and worksheet)

Investigating Australian approaches to producing fish, seafood and meat (Video and worksheet)

This video is about producing Barramundi using aquaculture. There is a worksheet teachers can download below.

Video in review: Lance Vater is the Managing Director at Robarra in Robe, SA. This company is producing Barramundi, a premium native fish, which is grown outside its natural growing environment. Barramundi is a fast growing fish. In these conditions Barramundi can grow all year round as opposed to in the wild (5-6months). The conditions for optimal growth are discussed – water temperature (Artesian), UV filtration, and other filtration processes. They use the nutrient rich water to fertilise land to grow pasture. The live fish are sold in markets in Sydney and Melbourne.

Research Questions:

  1. Find out the natural conditions (environmental) for growing Barramundi.
  2. What are the advantages of growing Barramundi in a farm setting?
  3. What are all the different filters they have to use?
  4. How much is 100,000 gallons of water in litres?
  5. If it takes 1.2kilos of food to raise 1 kilo of fish, investigate how many kilos of food it takes to raise the same for 1 kilo of chicken, beef and pork.

Download Student Worksheet

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