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Investigating Australian Food and Fibres (Video and worksheet)

Investigating Australian Food and Fibres (Video and worksheet)

This video is about growing wine and the significance of regional variation.

Video in review: Anna Hooper is a Wine Maker with Cape Jaffa Wines in SA. There are 63 different wine regions defined by climate, geography and soil types. White and red wine varieties are grown at the vineyard, using biodynamic production techniques with avoidance of using chemicals and pesticides, or herbicides, using natural ways to control pests – ducks and chickens. There is a little information on the wine making process and the marketing of the wines.

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  1. How many wine regions are there in Australia?
  2. What have the boundaries of the wine regions defined by?
  3. What ‘base’ is the winery on?
  4. How does this base help the winery?
  5. What is the soil type?
  6. What are the two predominant types of wines grown at this vineyard?
  7. What are biodynamic production techniques?
  8. How do they describe a biodynamic farm?
  9. What is the preparation they make on the farm? How is it applied?
  10. What makes growing grapes unique from growing other crops?
  11. What makes a red wine ‘red’?

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