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Investigating technologies in agriculture (Video and worksheet)

Investigating technologies in agriculture (Video and worksheet)

This video is about the technologies in the fibre industry to produce tissue.

Video in review: Scott Whicker works at Kimberly Clark Australia Millicent as the Mill Manager in Millicent, SA. The company produces a range of tissue products for Australia and New Zealand. The different wood produces different the pulp – long fibre from soft wood (e.g Pine), and hard wood produces short fibre (e.g eucalypt from Brazil). The pulp goes through different processing to manufacture different products.

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  1. From what is explained on the video, draw a diagram of the steps to create the tissue fibre discussed initially in the video
  2. What are the two different fibres discussed and from what trees do they originate?
  3. List two things that create the different properties in the tissue
  4. From watching the video from start to finish, list all the types of technology you see
  5. Identify three careers that can be identified in this video

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To access the Teacher worksheet please go to the following website:

https://www.primezone.edu.au/resources/pdf/Video - Investigating technologies in agriculture_answers.pdf


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