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Mouat Farms – Apple Orchard – video

Mouat Farms – Apple Orchard – video

Mouat Farms an Apple Orchard and much more

This is a video about orchardist and jam-maker Kris Mouat and how she and her husband operate a fruit agribusiness. It shows scenes of their 'Wyola' property as she speaks of how she came to orcharding and now makes jam from fruits and berries, and how they operate a roadside shop and a pick-your-own-fruit facility. She comments on the positive nature of life in the country; the research that assists them; the local industries they work with; and their membership of the Batlow Fruit Co-operative. The video lasts for 2:38 min and in the final segment Mouat assures young people who want to work in the country that they will find an aspect of agribusiness to suit them.

Mouat Farms – Transcript (176KB) 
Mouat Farms – Transcript (1.7MB)


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