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Niche Marketing: Ancient Breed Cattle in Australia – Video

Niche Marketing: Ancient Breed Cattle in Australia – Video

Creating a niche market Ancient breed cattle and beef

This is a video about how Batlow farmers Ian and Mandy McCorkindale produce and market meat from Scottish Highland and Welsh Black cattle. It shows scenes of the cattle on the farm and meat being prepared in the butchery as Ian McCorkindale describes the process, value and rewards of marketing their beef directly to the public at the Capital Region Farmers Market in Canberra. He explains the role his wife plays in the business and outlines his work in raising the cattle to ensure the best flavour in the meat. When describing their niche marketing strategy he urges viewers not to be afraid of trying something new and to keep on trying if they fail at first. He then advises 15- or 16-year old students wanting to pursue a career in agriculture to get a wide range of experience on the land. The video runs for 3:09min and ends with seven discussion points for students.

Ancient Breed Cattle – Transcript (1.7MB)
Ancient Breed Cattle – Transcript (125KB)


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