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On the Pulse education kits

On the Pulse education kits

The NSW Department of Primary Industries Schools Program was funded to provide On the Pulse education kits to 200 NSW schools. The kits include suggested activities to encourage teachers to include pulse education in classroom activities. The printed materials and suggested activities are available for download. Hands-on resources required are readily available at supermarkets and nurseries.

  • Lego® Minifigure pieces (to make up to five characters) for students to use in creative writing, researching or role-play activities. You may choose to use your Lego® Minifigure as the ‘face’ of any communication that you share with the school community.
  • Broad bean seeds to grow either in the pots supplied or in your school garden. The broad bean plants can be used for activities including investigating variable growing conditions, scientific illustration or measurement.
  • Mung beans for sprouting and eating or investigating preferred growing conditions.
  • Chickpeas for cooking or preparing and eating.
  • Career profile cards of a range of roles in the pulse industry.
  • Pulse information sheets from Pulse Australia and the International Year of the Pulse.
  • A range of other resources from Pulse Australia.

For food and fibre career profiles, why not check out Career Harvest?



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