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Out and about on farms! (Video and worksheet)

Out and about on farms! (Video and worksheet)

This is a video about looking at farming sustainably.

Video in review: Thyne McGreggor works as a sheep and cattle producer with Willalooka Pastoral Company in SA. Farming with the idea of Sustainability – into the future, for future generations. Stocking rates according to environment and conditions, soil types, rainfall etc., good livestock managers are mindful that if you degrade the land you don’t have good stock.

Watch the ‘Out and about on farms!’ video.

Download Student Worksheet

Provide your students with a copy of the questions below by downloading the Student Questions sheet above.


  1. How does Willalooka try and manage its land? How does it do this?
  2. How does a good land manager look after their land/animals?
  3. What are 3 things that help to determine what could be farmed on land?
  4. Can you think of other factors that land managers should consider?
  5. Why are cattle considered better for these conditions?
  6. Outline the life cycle of the merino sheep over the course of a year?

We need your feedback. When you have completed this unit please tell us what you think via the online survey external link. We will regularly update the units and your feedback will help PIEFA keep the resources current and relevant to teachers.

To access the Teacher answers please go to the following link:

https://www.primezone.edu.au/resources/pdf/Video Out and about on farms_answers.pdf


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