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Out and about on farms

Out and about on farms

This unit consists of a pdf resource and two supporting videos. It aims to help teachers and students in junior primary classes explore Australian farms as places where people live. Students are given an insight into ways Australian farmers are producing food and fibre, for food, clothing and shelter. Students explore features of Australian farms using a range of media and represent these on collaborative maps. Students can learn why some places are important to people and ways Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and farmers care for places. During the unit, the students investigate places where different foods and fibres are produced in Australia; the features of these places; what makes them special; and how they are cared for.

We need your feedback. When you have completed this unit please tell us what you think via the online survey external link. We will regularly update the units and your feedback will help PIEFA keep the resources current and relevant to teachers.



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