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Pork is On the Menu | Cooking Pork Lesson Plan

Pork is On the Menu | Cooking Pork Lesson Plan

This resource material aims to help teachers and students in secondary schools prepare, cook and present Australian pork dishes using a range of techniques to ensure optimum nutrient content, flavour, texture, visual appeal with a low ecological footprint. Students also use food photography and digital technologies to inspire others to cook with Australian pork. (See ACTDEK045 elaboration).

The objectives of the educational resources are to:

• Support APL and its members to encourage people to prepare and cook nutritionally balanced, aesthetically pleasing Australian pork recipes.

• Support schools to implement home economics-related concepts, content and processes.

• Engage and inform teachers and students about the nutritional contribution lean, trimmed Australian pork makes to a healthy and well balanced diet.

• Educate school students on how to use food selection tools and recipes and design a range of meals using Australian pork.

• Demonstrate to students that everyone can design, prepare and present nutritionally balanced, aesthetically appealing and cost conscious meals using Australian pork.

• Develop, in school communities, food preparation skills and techniques.

• Demonstrate to students that they can adapt recipes to maximise the nutritional value and/or cost effectiveness of a recipe, manage resources when choosing and preparing food, and practise food safety and hygiene methods.

• Develop engaging learning programs using an inquiry process aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

These educational resources are an effort to provide practical support to teachers and students learning about practical food preparation using Australian pork.



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