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Precision Sheep Welfare Management

Precision Sheep Welfare Management

Year 9-10 Design and Technologies – Precision Sheep Management

Content Description

  • Investigate and make judgments on the ethical and sustainable production and marketing of food and fibre (ACTDEK044)
  • Develop, modify and communicate design ideas by applying design thinking, creativity, innovation and enterprise skills of increasing sophistication (ACTDEP049)
  • Evaluate design ideas, processes and solutions against comprehensive criteria for success recognising the need for sustainability (ACTDEP051)

This resource enables students to gain an insight into technologies that are enhancing Australia s capability and efficiency as a sustainable producer of food and fibre – in this instance sheep for both meat and wool. It provides a background context and suggested direction for students, working collaboratively or individually within the food and fibre technologies context, to design and produce a designed solution for increasing productivity in sheep raising. This resource is designed to be used in association with the video – Precision Sheep Management.

Year 9-10 Design & Tech – Precision Sheep Management (2MB)
Precision Sheep data set (54 KB) Precision Sheep data set with answers (117KB)


This video takes viewers to the Kirby Research Station at the University of New England, Armidale NSW. Members of the Enhanced sheep wellbeing and productivity research program explain the technologies contributing to improved health and welfare of individual sheep. This research is being conducted under the of the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Innovation (Sheep CRC).

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Precision Sheep Management transcript (46KB)



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