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Producing Cattle & Sheep – Beef & Lamb (Video and Worksheet)

Producing Cattle & Sheep – Beef & Lamb (Video and Worksheet)

This video is about a diverse farm for the production of sheep.

Video in review: Dee Nolan works at Gum Park in Hynam, SA. The property is on the Limestone coast of SA, with 100 acres olive groves and sheep (Certified organic), where the soil is vibrant and healthy. They have integrated farming system with production of olive oil and sheep grazing (Southdown sheep – short wool and meat producers). They breed mainly Rams for other farms to buy. There is a focus on genetics to get good body size for eating and breeding by Artificial Insemination. Care of sheep providing fox proofed lambing paddocks and giving extra protection to lambs when there is cold weather.

Download Student Worksheet

Watch the ‘Producing cattle and sheep…and beef and lamb’ video. Provide your students with a copy of the questions below by downloading the Student Questions sheet above.


  1. Where is the farm located?
  2. What does Gum Park farm?
  3. Gum Park is certified organic, what does this mean in terms of farming and management?
  4. What is the breed of sheep? Why have they chosen this breed?
  5. What are some of the other benefits of this breed?
  6. What is the breeding technique used?


  1. Research some information about the history and breed of the Southdown sheep
  2. Part of this video talks about breeding sheep. Investigate the different type of breeding techniques used for breeding sheep. Have a look at what are the advantages and disadvantages of selective breeding.


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https://www.primezone.edu.au/resources/pdf/Producing cattle and sheep_answers.pdf


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