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Programming for water management

Programming for water management

Yr 5-6 Digital Technologies Programming for Water Management

Content Description

  • Design, modify and follow simple algorithms involving sequences of steps, branching and iteration (repeating) (ACTDIP019)
  • Implement digital solutions as simple visual programs involving branching, iteration (repetition), and user input (ACTDIP020)

This resource is designed to focus on programming concepts such as algorithms and branching to assist students build confidence in writing programs using the introductory programming language Scratch. Students subsequently apply this coding ability to create a program that assists them calculate the exact quantity of water required daily, to grow a plant, such as alfalfa. Alfalfa may be replaced with another plant, such as watercress or beans. It may be possible to integrate this unit with a school garden program. This provides the context of water conservation in Australian agriculture.

Yr5-6 Digital Technologies Programming for Water Management (2.3MB PDF)



Coding Algorithms, Iteration, Repetition, Programming, Water Management, Loops, If Statements, Variables