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Researching produce in the local region (Video and worksheet)

Researching produce in the local region (Video and worksheet)

This video is about regional produce.
Video in review: Hillary Ellis works with Limestone Coast regional as a Food Ambassador in SA. There are different food growing regions, with a variety of regions that grow different products. Producing food and fibre requires different soil types, which along with rain goes to producing good food and fibre. In a local region you should check out the local markets to see what grows well.


Watch the ‘Researching produce in the local region’ video.

Download Student Worksheet

Provide your students with a copy of the questions below by downloading the Student Questions sheet above.


  1. On a map of Australia, draw up the 3 types of food production Hilary mentions from around the country and why they grow there.
  2. Have a think about 3 other types of food, and investigate where they might be on the map.
  3. What is the meaning of value added products? Can you identify 2 different types of value added products in the video?


Researching a local market

  1. Wherever you are in the country, investigate if you have a local farmers market, and what they supply
  2. How far (in distance) did the seller come from?
  3. Are they able to provide information on how the produce is grown?
  4. Do you have any value added products being sold?


Here is a national website to try and locate a local market – http://farmersmarkets.org.au/
Each state will likely have a website to check for local markets in your region.

An example of a state site is in Tasmania – http://www.marketguide.com.au/tas.htm

We need your feedback. When you have completed this unit please tell us what you think via the online survey external link. We will regularly update the units and your feedback will help PIEFA keep the resources current and relevant to teachers.

To access the Teacher answers please go to the following links:

https://www.primezone.edu.au/resources/pdf/Researching produce local answers.pdf


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