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Rugby Farms – Horticulture – video

Rugby Farms – Horticulture – video

Rugby Farms Horticulture farming practice

This is a video about farmer and business man Matt Hood and how he, his father and brother operate Rugby Farm, a vegetable production agribusiness. It shows scenes of the business past and present as he tells of the many generations who have worked the farm, the 12,000 acres of vegetables grown each year, and the exciting and reactive nature of vegetable production. Speaking of changes in the business, he points out that the grower must now deliver what the customers want to buy, not what the farmer is able to grow, and he goes on to identify the strength of Rugby Farm's relationship with Coles Supermarkets. The video lasts for 2:36 min and concludes with Hood expressing his love for what he does and his belief that nothing could be more rewarding than growing healthy food for the people of Australia.

Rugby Farms – Horticulture – Transcript (1.7MB) 
Rugby Farms – Horticulture – Transcript (110KB)


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