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Salmon Lifecycle : 2. Fry and Parr (FarmVR)

Salmon Lifecycle : 2. Fry and Parr (FarmVR)

In this immersive salmon hatchery educational experience, Doug Paveley from Tassal explains the physical conditions required for Fry and Parr lifecycle stages. You will go underwater, swim with salmon while learning about food and the intense care taken of water to provide a clean salmon growing environment.

This VR experience is part of a series of VR education experiences around farming salmon. This is 'immersive education' and your students can experience what it is like to visit a salmon farm without leaving the classroom. These VR experiences are part of two Grade 5/6 resources based on the curriculum areas of science and technologies. The two resources you can also access here to find out more about farming salmon: Salmon Science – Growing a Salmon Leaper & Jeepers Creepers Salmon Leapers
The best way for your students to 'experience' this is to watch using FarmVR in 360 vision. To do this:
Step 1 – Install the FarmVR App on your mobile device https://www.farmvr.com.au/download/
Step 2 – Navigate to Aquaculture / Salmon / Dissection
**VR goggles required
Alternatively, for note taking students can also watch VR using an iPad.

FarmVR – Salmon Lifecycle : 2. Fry and Parr from Think Digital on Vimeo.



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