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Salmon Sea Pens : Introduction to Shepherd Lease (FarmVR)

Salmon Sea Pens : Introduction to Shepherd Lease (FarmVR)

In this immersive educational experience you fly up in a drone above Shepherds Lease. You can see all the sea pens each with approximately 25,0000 salmon in each.

This VR experience is part of a series of VR education experiences around farming salmon. This is 'immersive education' and your students can experience what it is like to visit a salmon farm without leaving the classroom. These VR experiences are part of two Grade 5/6 resources based on the curriculum areas of science and technologies. The two resources you can also access here to find out more about farming salmon: Salmon Science – Growing a Salmon Leaper & Jeepers Creepers Salmon Leapers
The best way for your students to 'experience' this is to watch using FarmVR in 360 vision. To do this:
Step 1 – Install the FarmVR App on your mobile device https://www.farmvr.com.au/download/
Step 2 – Navigate to Aquaculture / Salmon / Dissection
**VR goggles required
Alternatively, for note taking students can also watch VR using an iPad.

FarmVR – Salmon Sea Pens : Introduction to Shepherd Lease from Think Digital on Vimeo.



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