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SharkSmart | Shark Management Strategy Lesson Plans

SharkSmart | Shark Management Strategy Lesson Plans

In 2015, the NSW Government recognised a need to address the increase in human-shark interactions along our coast. Over the next five years, a suite of shark mitigation technologies were trialled such as drones, SMART drumlines and shark listening stations. Scientists also tagged over 500 sharks to learn more about their movements to inform future shark safety measures. The knowledge gained from this research and the trials helps governments make decisions about beach safety and also helps people make smarter decisions about how they use the ocean. In short to help people be SharkSmart.

NSW DPI have developed a set of workbooks to help teachers use the work of the NSW Shark Management Strategy (SMS) as an example of authentic science and technology learning. The content of this website, the videos on this page and throughout the website will help students complete the workbooks.

The workbooks are designed to support students in working towards NSW syllabus outcomes. We encourage teachers to use their professional judgement about whether the specified workbook is appropriate for their students and to use one of the other versions if they are better suited to the cohort they are working with.



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