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STELR Innovative STEM teaching

STELR Innovative STEM teaching

STELR (Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance) is a national initiative of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE).

STELR is inquiry-based The STELR equipment and teaching resources have been developed to assist students to learn about the scientific inquiry process and then to design and undertake their own investigations. STELR incorporates contemporary teaching and learning practices. Through the context of renewable energy technology, student learn about research, forming and testing hypotheses; planning and conducting robust investigations; collection and analysis of data and evaluation of scientific propositions as outlined in the Australian Curriculum – Science.
The STELR resources incorporate inquiry-based pedagogies that:

  • ​involve students in initial exploration before ideas are introduces and explanations developed
  • incorporate students' own questions
  • involve students making decisions as part of the investigation
  • use activities to explore and develop ideas rather than simply demonstrating previously presented ideas
  • allow for genuinely new knowledge to be developed.

Video Profiles of Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship 
The ATSE STELR team has produced a series of 19 video profiles featuring female role models and entrepreneurs from STEM fields. The role models are drawn from all states and territories in Australia and cover a wide range of STEM careers.
The videos will inspire girls (and boys) to pursue STEM careers and aim to boost enrolments of girls in STEM subjects in senior years of schooling by highlighting study pathways.

Check out videos of Women in STEM: http://www.stelr.org.au/women-in-stem/



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