Sustainable Agriculture – Farm Regeneration

Year 7- 8 Design and Technologies – Sustainable Agriculture: Regenerating the Family Farm

Content Description:

  • Analyse how food and fibre are produced when designing managed environments and how these can become more sustainable (ACTDEK032)
  • Independently develop criteria for success to evaluate design ideas, processes and solutions and their sustainability (ACTDEP038)

This unit enables students to investigate sustainable farming methods used by livestock farmers in Australia today. It draws on the views and experiences of Australian farmers raising sheep for wool and/or meat, as they explain the measures they are taking to ensure the sustainability of their farm management and production systems.

Year 7-8 Design & Technologies – Sustainable Agriculture (2.2MB PDF)


The accompanying video: Low Impact Sustainable Agriculture Regenerating the Family Farm provides a case study of a mixed farming operation in Southern Victoria Yan Yan Gurt West farm. Since the early 1990s, members of the Stewart family have transformed their degraded and eroded sheep farm, which has been in the family for over 100 years, into a sustainable agricultural enterprise, in harmony with its surrounding environment.



farming, biodiversity, erosion, soil, water management, production, riparian zone, productivity, aboriculture, family farm

Developed by: Agriculture in Education