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Sustainable Agriculture – Water Management

Sustainable Agriculture – Water Management

Year 7 Geography – Sustainable Agriculture: Water Management

Content Description:

  • The way that flows of water connects places as it moves through the environment and the way this affects places (ACHGK038)
  • Factors that influence the decisions people make about where to live and their perceptions of the liveability of places (ACHGK043)

This unit also addresses the Year 7 Science content description:

  • Some of the Earth s resources are renewable, including water that cycles through the environment, but others are non-renewable (ACSSU116)
The activities in this unit focus on the water management and liveability elements of a mixed farm in southern Victoria, where regeneration of a natural watercourse, stock and pasture management changes and a long term revegetation program, have reduced soil erosion and nutrient loss, increased farm productivity and created a more aesthetic and pleasant living and working environment.

Year 7 Geography -Sustainable Agriculture: Water Management (2.2MB)


The video traces the transformation of an overgrazed, denuded and eroded family farm in southern Victoria into a showpiece of agricultural regeneration, landscape diversification and environmental management. Provides an authentic context for investigation in Year 7 Design and Technologies and Geography.



Climate data, farming, grazing, biodiversity, erosion, soil, riparian vegetation, river catchment managment, salinity, gulley erosion