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Taste & Learn™ (Vegetable Science)

Taste & Learn™ (Vegetable Science)

Taste & Learn™ is a 5-week curriculum-aligned program that focuses on the fun and enjoyment of vegetables. Vegetables are tasted in each lesson. It has been developed by scientists and educators, extensively tested in schools and has a sound evidence base.

Taste & Learn™ supports schools and communities to help their students develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable them to make healthier choices, and so maximise their learning and education potential.

Taste & Learn™ increases student:

  • knowledge, awareness and familiarity with vegetables and vegetable products
  • knowledge about the senses
  • understanding of how food and vegetable preferences differ between individuals and how they can change
  • ability to describe their experiences of eating vegetables
  • acceptance, enjoyment and willingness to try vegetables.

The resources include easy to use teacher materials:

  • Three units of work for Foundation – Year 2, Year 3 – 4 and Year 5 – 6
  • Each unit consists of five one-hour lessons
  • Fully written lesson plans with student worksheets and electronic whiteboard support
  • Implementation manual and digital teacher training module



Vegetables, tasting, exploring, fun, senses, science experiments