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Waratah Australis Nursery – video

Waratah Australis Nursery – video

Video – Waratah Australis Nursery – Flowers

This is a video about plant breeder and nursery owner Brian Fitzpatrick and his work of breeding waratahs. It shows scenes of his activities in the Waratah Australis Nursery as he speaks of the magnificence of waratahs; the stages in the breeding process including hand-pollination and the production of 12,000 seedlings annually; the time it takes to develop a new variety and receive a commercial return; and his love for the work. He describes the Open Day held in 2013 and his plans for the future of the property, The video lasts for 2:38 min and in the final segment Fitzpatrick advises students to keep an open mind about agribusiness, investigate the research, and 'go for broke'.

Waratah Nursery – Transcript (1.7MB RFT) 
Waratah Nursery – Transcript (108KB PDF)


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